My Approach To Therapy

Do you feel insecure about if therapy is for you? I can see why. Thinking about trusting and opening up to a person you don't know is intimidating. I got you. My intention is to offer a space free of judgment. Also, we will get to know each other every time you come to a session. It will become less scary and more comfortable as time goes on. As mentioned on my website, I do EMDR therapy and talk therapy. I offer services to adults, teens, and terapía en español. You are the expert and you have the control in your life, I am just here to provide support along the way.

Therapy is a process of knowing yourself, your emotions, traumas, needs, true desires, and your environment in order to learn new ways to solve your difficulties, achieve your goals, and live day by day in a more satisfactory way and aligned with your values and principles. Starting a therapeutic process is not easy. Many myths about therapy increase the belief that seeking help is for weak people. Collaboration and support are essential in our emotional and social development as human beings.

As a therapist, my job is to help people identify perceptions, behaviors, and beliefs that are harmful, and to explore new skills that allow individuals to live fully and in harmony with their environment. I provide a therapy space focused on each individual, their strengths, values, and needs where they can be heard and understood without feeling judged.



My objective is to help you to increase your own strength to affront life's adversities. Together will explore your strengths and how to effectively use them in difficult times. Discovering our own power increases self-confidence and self-love and cultivates being in touch with yourself. 


My intention is to walk with you and offer a space where you feel secure to express yourself. Acceptance is acknowledging how you feel and validating that it is ok to feel that way. It does not mean being happy to accept things that we do not like about ourselves, but it is the ability to get on good terms with them and focus on other areas that matter in our lives. 


You are the driver in your life. Often times feeling anxious, depressed, in difficult life circumstances, or being in a relationship where we feel we have lost ourselves could mislead us that we are not. However, you have the power to take control of your actions and your own life. We can explore ways that help you reclaim your life back.


I believe in the power of restoring our wounds even if they happened a long time ago. Often, individuals believe that they are damaged and trapped in their pain. Through my approach, I work through tools that nurture love and kindness. Healing can be different for each individual, so whatever works for you. I am here to explore, encourage and validate it.