What is talk therapy?

Talk therapy looks different for each individual. During our sessions, we will focus our attention on you. Talk therapy is a space that allows exploring fears, worries, guilt, grief, shame, venting, or just checking in with yourself and your feelings. During our sessions, we will implement techniques that are helpful to decrease emotional distress, learn new ways to solve difficulties and allow you to live fully and in harmony with your work environment, family, and society.

Sessions last between 50 and 60 minutes. We start by checking in about your week. Perhaps, something stressful is causing you discomfort. We could continue discussing an issue from our last session or a new problem that is helpful for you. During each session, you have control of our process as the space is for you and what is best for you. Each session will be different as life changes are inevitable. That is why my talk therapy is organic and dynamic.

Life brings challenges and changes every day. Therapy helps one overcome those challenges. Some people will find talk therapy healing, others a way to debrief their feelings and thoughts, and some others could find a space where they can connect with themselves and just breathe.

Talk therapy is online and in person. I am offering services through telehealth or we could meet in person. Currently, I am taking some precautions due to COVID-19. Therefore, we could discuss the logistics of meeting in person further during our consultation.

Please take some time to learn about why talk therapy is good for your mental and physical health: